Is it possible to build a R2-D2 cheaper?

In principle yes. The main factors are the materials used, your own abilities, above all the desired quality of the finished R2D2.



How many R2-D2īs have you already build?

Two R2D2s are finished and a third one is planned.



Can we see your R2-D2 on model construction exhibitions?

Unfortunately not. Due to the size and the fact that my R2D2 weighs 50 kg it is unfortunately too large and unmanageable, for me to transport it from A to B.



Do you lend or sell your R2-D2`s?

No. I spent too much time and money on the construction of my R2-D2s and so I don't lend or sell them.



Do you sell parts?

This side is of a private nature and therefore I am not able to offer parts here for sale. I will try to get permission from the R2-Builders` club in order to sell parts as this is a basic condition for selling parts within the club. Due to small differences such as the conversion of measurements, manufacturing tolerances, etc., my parts are not always 100% faithful to the accurate Blueprints, with deviations of a few mm. It is not yet foreseeable, which parts could be licensed for sale.



Why did your R2 building takes so much time?

The production of the silicon moulds took up a lot of time. Also the building of the master models dragged on to what sometimes seemed an eternity. During the winter months I couldn't do much, because the temperatures needed for the processing of silicon and GRP were simply too low in my un-heated attic. Also result of my efforts that didn't pleased me were thrown away and I started building them again. In addition my employer also constantly required my presence at work :-).



Where can I find the R2-Builders club and how I become a member?

The official homepage is found at The forum is found at There are also the blueprints. To become a member you need an email account at When you have this account, the registration at the R2-Builders` club is no longer a problem and both are free. Still a tip regarding the blueprints: They are available in pdf and dxf format. If you want to work on the full scale prints, I recommend the dxf files.



Why are so many grammar mistakes in your emails :-) ?

I am not a native english-speaker. I needed countless months to translate my homepage. An English teacher (thank you, Mr. Fowles!!!) helps to correct my mistakes at the end, but now I have to write my emails by myself.