The outside feet were my first experiences with the production of larger silicon moulds.


The basic structure was manufactured from wood.

Some weeks later the master model was finished.

A casting mould from Perspex allows viewing when pouring.

The GRP building method of this part allows the largest possible space for driving motors to be installed later.

This GRP part is extremely light but nevertheless strong. 

Once you have one finished silicon mould, the production of the further parts goes much more quickly.

The same procedure with the middle foot.

For this I had to build a mould, too. For more pictures of the middle foot see "silicon moulds".

In order to be able to attach the middle foot, it had to be possible to install a bolt from the outside without it showing. Thus I built one side of the master model without the "half-moon". This missing "half-moon" is now easily made from the opposite side of the silicon mould and this covers the hole needed for the bolt.

Here is the result.



Drive and wheels.