A long time ago, in a place far, far away...

I toyed with the idea of building my own R2-D2. This began as a small fantasy and increased in time to not only the most interesting, but also the longest running hobby of my life.



This site should inspire and assist all those who want to build their own R2D2. My personal setbacks during the building process are also shown, in the hope that the same misfortunes don't occur with future R2-Builders.


You should know some facts and details before beginning building:



The designations "R2", "R2-D2", etc. are registered trade marks of Lukas films. This site is not used for industrial or commercial purposes. It is only to illustrate the construction process of a private R2-D2. All of my homepage linked web pages were used for the building of my R2-D2. Nevertheless, I expressly dissociate myself, for legal liability reasons, from the contents of all of my homepage linked web pages. In order to protect myself from any liability concerning matters of translation the German text should be regarded as the definitive version.


Special Thank

Michaela Appel, Jakob Link, Werner Altmann, Ron Barklay & Jason Smith, Arnd Riedl, "Dark Jedi" Keith Henry, Dave Everett, Azman Sugi, Modellbau Sch÷berl, Mr. Fowles (for his great help to translate this homepage in English), all members of G÷▀l&Pfaff and the R2-Builders-Club


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